Archaic Ceramic






My name is Imanol, i come from Basque Country in Spain where Picasso was inspired to paint his masterpiece. I’m 25 and even though the world continues to attract my attention as when I was younger. I can’t stop asking myself how do we do it to create things and make them work, that’s why i chose to study product design.

I would like to learn everything about this career and become a professional, i chose an English university because they have more facilities and workshops where i can let my mind fly and bring to life what is in my head.

I’m extremely creative as you can see in my portfolio and also you can ask my head teacher that i use as reference who encouraged me to apply for that degree. I already designed a bench which is being used on the street as a part of a urban design project with my schoolmates when i was studying my A levels.

I appreciate the opportunity that you bring to me as it will help me to achieve the dream of my life and will allow me to find a job as a designer.